Your teeth straightening questions and concerns answered.

“Can I straighten my teeth without braces?”

SmileStyler is a type of brace called a Clear Aligner it is just more discrete than fixed braces and are a popular adult brace option.

“I’m worried Clear Aligner Braces are too expensive”

Adult braces can cost from $1750, depending on the number of teeth being aligned (This could be much less if you have Dental Extras as some policies pay a significant amount). So you don’t have to spend many thousands of dollars aligning all your teeth. We call it “Social Six Orthodontics”. Adults often choose realistic practical treatment not ideal treatment.

“There seems to be so many ads and different types of Clear Braces out there. What are the options for teeth straightening?”

Some patients can have a choice of many different types of braces, other patients may not be suitable for any. What this means you need a consultation to be advised which option is best. All the options will be discussed with you before you make a choice.

Is it too late to get my teeth straightening if I’m already an adult?

Not at all! It’s never too late to start have straight teeth and get a healthy perfect smile. The only difference of getting treatment as an adult is that it may take slightly longer, since the jaw and teeth are already fully developed and may be more difficult to move.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford Invisible Braces”

We provide a number of finance options so the payments can be spread over time to suit your budget. Terms and Conditions apply.

“I work full time, getting time off work is a nightmare”

We offer remote monitoring so we can track your progress from the comfort of your home (or office) and only have you attend the practice at the optimal time for your individual case. We open at 8.30am and late one evening a week.

“Can I straighten my own teeth?”

As they say “Please do not try this at home!” There is a serious risk of losing your teeth or permanently damaging your mouth and jaw joints. Dentists and orthodontists are trained to work out how the teeth can be moved safely and by how much, giving you a beautiful smile while limiting and controlling the risks.

What type of teeth straightening is right for me?

Virtually every type of braces and orthodontic treatment can be used for adults. Adults may have unique priorities as they make their treatment choices, because they are typically more concerned about aesthetics than children and teens can be. For this reason, it’s more common for adults to choose more discreet treatment options such as clear ceramic braces or SmileStyler®– although metal braces remain a popular option for adults as well.

“I am not sure what to do. I have seen aligners that can be delivered to my door”

For everyone we carry out a full orthodontic assessment. This goes beyond a standard dental check-up. We make sure the braces are the most suitable option for your teeth, gums, smile, face and bone structure. We make sure the achievable outcome is what you expect. More importantly if there are issues mid treatment, we are here for you. Dentist fitted – Dentist assessed –Dentist Monitored- Dentist supported.

“I’m worried I will look foolish, like a teenager, and I’ll be mocked for wearing braces as an adult”

Adults having their teeth straightened is becoming a very common sight. Braces are not invisible, they can be clear or metallic, but we have many discrete braces, for example SmileStyler. This means you can wear them at work and during meetings and virtually nobody will no. They can also be removed if necessary. Getting straight teeth is not like it used to be.

“The thought of having my teeth out terrifies me”

For the majority of cases we do not taken out any teeth. Many Teeth Straightening Treatments are aimed at the non-extraction approach so if you are scared of this, it can be avoided. During our consultation we can discuss all your options.

“Having impressions taken makes me gag”

We have a Medit digital scanner so no more glubby gagging impressions. You can see your teeth on the computer after a digital scan and often we can show you the final result before we carry out any treatment. We make your braces from the scan.

Should I straighten my teeth?

Only you can answer that question. Adults often see the benefit of a perfect smile. Many have careers in which a great smile is an asset, making teeth straightening a smart investment. Others may be planning a major life event, such as a wedding, that causes them to think hard about their smile. For many, having teeth out of alignment can sometimes affect their ability to brush and floss effectively, which increases the potential for gum disease and cavities.

“My teeth look so yellow as well”

With many of the straightening treatments, for example SmileStyler, we offer free teeth whitening once treatment is complete. We want you to have a dazzling white smile to go with your straight teeth. The complete ultimate smile makeover!

“I don’t want the treatment to go on for years, I want Fast Braces”

If you are suitable, we have treatments that can be completed in as little as 10 weeks, so it doesn’t need to go on for years.

When is the best time to start orthodontic treatment?

Smiles can be enhanced at any age but most orthodontic problems are best treated when a person is young. The best age to start orthodontic treatment varies from person to person depending on their particular problem. Dr. O’Malley and his team recommend an initial assessment at 7 years of age so that treatment can be started at the ideal time. In certain situations, starting at a younger age can take advantage of facial growth and tooth eruption. This may reduce the severity of a problem and make later treatment less complex and less time consuming.

Will my teeth straighten out as get older?

Unfortunately, no, your teeth will not straighten out over time. If your teeth are misaligned, they will stay that way, or even worsen, making it more difficult to keep your smile clean with standard oral hygiene care like brushing and flossing. You will also be at greater risk for developing tooth decay and gum disease as you get older.

Does Wearing Braces Hurt?

Most people feel some tightness or discomfort after first getting their braces or after an appointment where the braces are adjusted. The cause of this discomfort is the small amount of pressure that the braces are applying to the teeth in order to move them to their new position. The discomfort generally goes away after a couple of days. Other than those instances, you won’t be feeling any sort of pain or discomfort at all!

Do I still need my check ups while having my teeth straightened?

Yes! While we will be tracking the progress of your smile’s movement during your orthodontic treatment we will still need to carry out our recare examination and any required cleaning. The advantage is we can schedule these to coincide with an adjustment appointment.

Do I have to avoid my favourite foods?

During your treatment, try to avoid foods with a lot of sugar (sugar increases the amount of bacteria that grows in your mouth causing more plaque and possibly cavities). You will also have to avoid sticky and chewy foods (caramel, chewing gum, Minties), hard foods (hard lollies, nuts, ice cubes). Some foods are more prone to getting stuck in your braces (corn on the cob, soft bagels, ribs, etc) so it is important to have the ability to clean the teeth after these foods.

What is Phase I and Phase II treatment?

Phase-one treatment is completed before all of the permanent teeth have erupted into the mouth. This treatment can occur between the ages of six and ten. Phase-one treatment is sometimes recommended to help create more space for developing teeth to come through, correction of bite issues, or to repair the damage caused from bad oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking. It is also called interceptive orthodontics.

Phase-two treatment occurs once all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Phase-two usually is started between the ages of 11 and 13, and can take as long as two years.

Teeth Straightening Systems Dr O’Malley Offers

SmileStyler ®

Fixed Teeth
The Inman ™
SmileTru ®
Aligners and
Dentist supported treatmentDentist supported treatmentDentist supported treatmentDentist supported treatment
Support if there are issues mid treatmentSupport if there are issues mid treatmentSupport if there are issues mid treatmentSupport if there are issues mid treatment
Fitted by a dentistFitted by a dentistFitted by a dentistFitted by a dentist
Quality + fit check in clinicQuality + fit check in clinicQuality + fit check in clinicQuality + fit check in clinic
No messy impressions requiredNo messy impressions requiredNo messy impressions requiredNo messy impressions required
Discrete & nearly invisibleVisible but still discreteVisible but still discreteVisible but still discrete
RemovableNot removableRemovableRemovable
Single arch or bothSingle arch or bothSingle arch at a timeSingle arch or both
Treatment takes 3 – 18 months approx.Treatment takes 6 – 24 months approx.Treatment takes 10 to 16 weeks approx.Treatment takes 6 – 24 months approx.
Finance options available T&CsFinance options available T&CsFinance options available T&CsFinance options available T&Cs
Free consultation & smile outcome scanFree consultation & smile outcome scanFree consultation & smile outcome scanFree consultation & smile outcome scan
Free whiteningFree whiteningExtra whitening FeeFree whitening

Free Consultation?